Information has become pretty worthless and what Pathlevels is working on solving example:

The most effective way to increase the value of your information is to create a package with more support

Just information = $100
Information + personalized feedback (action steps) = $500
Information + personalized feedback + 1on1 session/help with implementation = $1000-$10.000 (after this path is validated you can move from 1on1 to group calls or add other coaches that deliver the 1on1 calls)

1) Navigate to  "Create > packages" 
2) Click create a new package


If you want to offer a free path to segment out committed clients, choose "landing page" on the top

Best option: Click "emb code" on the path you created and post the code on your landing page

Easiest/fastest option: Choose "embed free" and update the package, go back to the "emb form" option and copy the URL as marked on the image below and give it directly to your potential clients


The process is the same, but choose "embed paid" at the top, add some description of what they are getting, and add some credits for services.


Beside the "new package" option on the main package page you can also share all your packages as a embed code (or copy only the website) to share directly