If you do not want to use multiple tools Pathlevels offers you to create your website directly on our platform (currently one template)

Live example: https://hatakoca.com/

1) Set up your white-label domain

2) Navigate to profile > landing page content

3) Check what you want to be included on the page and add your content

How to add testimonials to your page

If you ask for feedback from your levels settings navigate to "interaction > feedback" in the main menu and check the "show at landing page" then they will automatically be added

How to free or paid paths to your landing page
navigate to "create > packages" then check "show package on homepage" to make the training available on your page

How to add time to your booking calendar
navigate to "calendar > mark your desired time you want to open"
To open the timeslots in your calendar mark "embed form", if you want to offer free sessions to onboard new clients check "free consultation" as well