Explanations on how to use our features

What`s a path? (How to create a path from scratch)

The secret to increasing the value of your information is to make it practical. With Pathlevels we have an "end in mind" approach, where you start by visioning the end goal of implementing your information and working yourself backward. ( this is ...

How to set up your calendar

SETUP 1) Make sure you have listed some services first ( click here for more information ) Make sure you start out by activating all the calendars under the filter (this will only be done one time) SELL YOUR TIME Choose the service you want to off...

How to sell your time

1) Start by navigating to "create" in the menu and choose "services & bundles". Direct URL = https://app.pathlevels.com/crm/services 2) Choose what you want to charge for the different services first, in the example below we charge 499$ for an ho...

How to view your path as a client

If you want to preview your content you can do so by clicking "preview" or activating the full-screen slideshow option by clicking on the icon next to the preview text If you want to log in as a client or test the action steps you follow these ste...

How to follow up on action steps and deadlines

Assessment Support These follow-ups are connected with the countdown timer of the assessments and will be triggered whenever a certain amount of time is passed from the start of the assessment.  The coach can specify, from 10 to 90% of the time pa...

Committed mode

How to set it up and use it

How to set up a contract


How to set up automated feedback on your training


How to create packages (how to sell your information)


Setting up your website/landing page

If you do not want to use multiple tools Pathlevels offers you to create your website directly on our platform (currently one template) Live example:  https://hatakoca.com/ 1)  Set up your white-label domain 2) Navigate to profile >  landing page ...